Steve DeJohnChicago, IL

    Steve is a master seminar presenter and an ace closer. His sales process speaks directly about annuities, not around them. He can quickly read his clients and determine in the first 10 minutes of an appointment whether he can close the sale or will need a second appointment.


    • His extremely popular dinner seminar that speaks directly about annuities.
    • His proven sales process and training on his highly successful closing techniques.
    • The “power phrases” he uses on all appointments and coaching on how to talk about ALL annuities – the pros and cons!
    • Steve’s three extremely powerful videos that’ll BLOW your audience away (and increase appointments by 50%).
    • His exclusive appointment sales sheet that he has been using for over 15 years – a must-have!


    If you’re looking for a PURE SALES COACH who can truly impact your PRODUCTION FROM SEMINARS then… STEVE is your guy.