Patrick WehrlyHouston, TX

    Patrick Wehrly is an Enrolled Agent, and is therefore, admitted to practice before the IRS. This standing, coupled with his extensive tax knowledge, gives him and unique and compelling platform with his clients – allowing him to produce $30 million in retirement assets a year.

    Patrick is the founder of OPJW, a comprehensive tax and financial planning company offering a full complement of products and services. With a history of over 28 years, OPJW works with all age groups but specializes in clients nearing retirement.

    Patrick prides himself on giving both his clients and other advisors “income tax solutions for a stress-free and often a tax-free retirement.” He feels passionate that these concepts can be used by any advisors who are looking to build their practice.


    • His highly successful dinner seminar, Flip the Switch, which helps clients avoid paying taxes on the same retirement dollars over and over again.
    • Coaching on how to book everyone in the room.
    • Patrick’s proven track to run on once prospects are in the office.
    • A step-by-step roadmap to doubling your production for 2017.
    • Two important tools top producers are using that you’re likely not using (and how to start using them)!


    If you want to know how to CLOSE BUSINESS MORE EFFECTIVELY AFTER DINNER SEMINARS then… PATRICK is your guy.