David StryzewskiSeattle, WA

    David Stryzewski has grown his practice from just six figures in production to over eight figures in just a couple years. The growth of his practice has been planned, intentional and well documented. In 2016, David was named the NSSA Advisor of the Year. He regularly hosts groups of elite advisors in his offices, training them in his successful sales, marketing, and practice-management techniques.

    David is a strategic thinker and strong closer as well as an educator, delivering strategic ABC Workshops each year. He uses a variety of prospecting techniques to keep his schedule jammed with the right prospects. By setting clear goals for his practice and prioritizing his activities, he is a master at optimizing productivity and performance.


    • His most powerful questions, stories and comments to use with clients and prospects to win business.
    • An in-depth look at how he runs his highly successful educational workshops and fills the room with qualified prospects… all fostering a high probability of closing success.
    • His hands-on experience of how he managed this growth.
    • His Practice Management tools for hiring an effective staff, maximizing marketing integration, and establishing a downline.


    If you’re looking for an EDUCATIONAL MARKETING GURU who can teach you a step-by-step process to lead a client to the best financial decision then… DAVID is your guy.