Celeste duPreez

Celeste comes from a strong administrative background and customer service is extremely important to her. Although she has worn many “hats” in different positions in the past, she believes that all her experience prepared her for her “dream job” here at Dressander|BHC. 

She truly loves working with her advisors to increase their annual annuity sales by assisting them with sophisticated case design. Her unique approach results in a higher closing ratio and higher annual income for the advisors.   

Marketing in her eyes is a living, breathing entity that needs to be enhanced at all times. The payoff from a successful marketing program results in great financial gains and satisfaction that their hard work paid off.

Contact Celeste at 800-201-0224, ext. 180 (direct line: 281-528-1629) or at celestedupreez@simplicitymarketing.com.