Our Team

Simplicity Marketing has compiled a team of industry experts to take your practice to the next level.

Our leadership team guides and inspires our agents to be thought leaders and experts in the field—bringing their best ideas to work day in and day out. They lead from experience and with passion, working together to help you achieve and surpass your goals.

Our dedicated Business Coaches strive to deeply understand your business, anticipate your needs, and exceed your expectations.

We operate on a foundation of integrity, consistently doing the right thing for both our agents and employees.



Chicago Office:

Cleveland Office:

Raleigh Office:

Scottsdale Office:


Chicago Office:

  • Rose Andrikos
    Rose Andrikos Marketing Content Manager
  • Thalee Dressander
    Thalee Dressander Marketing Associate
  • Emily Heine
    Emily Heine Graphic Designer
  • Tom Jones AFES Director
  • Tom Kutzer
    Tom Kutzer Digital/Direct Marketing Manager
  • Nickie Orgler
    Nickie Orgler Event Coordinator
  • John Thompson
    John Thompson Chief of Staff
  • Cheryl Wagner
    Cheryl Wagner Executive Assistant

Houston Office:

  • Michelle Barnett
    Michelle Barnett Licensing and Contracting Specialist
  • Melissa Bridgman
    Melissa Bridgman Team Lead Licensing and Contracting
  • Michelle Buchannan
    Michelle Buchannan Licensing & Contract Specialist
  • Lori Camper
    Lori Camper Program Coordinator
  • Michael Capati
    Michael Capati Fulfillment Coordinator
  • Chad Conant
    Chad Conant IT Systems
  • Diana Cooley
    Diana Cooley Commissions Analyst
  • Sharon Coskey
    Sharon Coskey Supervisor
  • Cheryl Daniels
    Cheryl Daniels Life Case Design/Product Specialist
  • Donna Darden
    Donna Darden New Business Assistant
  • Devyn Delance
    Devyn Delance New Business Assistant
  • Drew Harvard
    Drew Harvard IT Developer
  • Eva Hernandez
    Eva Hernandez New Business Team Lead
  • Marcia Hillegeist
    Marcia Hillegeist IT Systems
  • Marissa Loughrey
    Marissa Loughrey Senior Life Case Manager
  • Ian Moore
    Ian Moore Commissions Manager
  • Bertha Mora
    Bertha Mora New Business/Licensing Manager
  • Marilyn Morrison
    Marilyn Morrison New Business Assistant
  • Cindy Orosco
    Cindy Orosco New Business Assistant
  • Kelly Rhodes
    Kelly Rhodes Senior Life Case Manager
  • Nina Russell
    Nina Russell New Business Assistant
  • Kayla Safron
    Kayla Safron New Business Assistant
  • Aarren Snowney
    Aarren Snowney Program Coordinator
  • Mary Ellen Walter
    Mary Ellen Walter Front Desk Coordinator

Scottsdale Office:

  • Kayla Aldridge
    Kayla Aldridge Administrative Assistant
  • Debbie Conner
    Debbie Conner Executive Assistant
  • David Shough
    David Shough Creative Services Director

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