Winning in Retirement

Four Challenges to a Successful Retirement and How to Beat Them

What are the four greatest challenges that the retirement-minded have to face?

  1. Will they have enough money to last a lifetime?
  2. Where are we in the current market cycle and what’s the next big move the market will make?
  3. How will they battle the crushing effect of inflation over their retirement years?
  4. Finally, do they have a plan to manage the tax burden well into their retirement years?

The topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Longevity is killing us!
  • The next BIG move in the market!
  • Inflation is the penalty for living too long.
  • Two things in life are certain: Death & Taxes!
  • The ABC Retirement Model empowers people to make wise decisions.
  • What to do with the Pebble in the Shoe in your portfolio.

These challenges are the backbone of the seminar and prospects will get a full dose of pain as they work through material. The seminar is conducted with no PowerPoint and just a simple set of seven poster boards and a fill-in-the-blank set of handouts. It’s a powerful presentation and the personal connection with the advisor is strong, with tremendous results.

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