Wall Street’s on Fire

Ten Reasons to Move Your Money Now

How much of your retirement savings can you afford to lose in the Market? What are the signs of changes in the markets that would demand that those facing retirement make decisions right away with their retirement savings?

History and common sense tell us that neither Bull nor Bear markets continue forever. Whether we see a “correction” or a full-blown crash, the market will change. And if you are not prepared, your IRA/401(k) accounts and other investments that you are counting on for retirement could be in serious jeopardy.

Wall Street’s on Fire is an eye-opening look at the risk and volatility of today’s Stock Market. It covers 10 compelling signs or trends that point to a necessity of moving money in or out of the market, what an investor can do now to develop a sound, secure, balanced retirement plan to protect and grow the assets they’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate.

Topics discussed are:

  • The psychology of market cycles — how fear and greed can send the market into a freefall (see 2008)
  • What is the next BIG thing that’s going to happen in the market?
  • The next swing down: a little or a lot?
  • What insiders are doing now that should have you worried?
  • How much risk is too much?
  • Why market seasonality matters!
  • The power of guaranteed income
  • The ABCs of Conservative Investing – creating a Stock Market Exit Strategy

Investors learn rational steps investors can take to help remove the uncertainty from their retirement planning. This is seminar is updated every 6 weeks to help advisors stay relevant. Very powerful and extremely effective!

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