Wall Street Worries

Looking for a client presentation that’s short and sweet… and gets right to the point?
Wall Street Worries

The Wall Street Worries seminar captures the struggles facing those headed for retirement when they’re trying to make their income and assets last for the next 30 years. The seminar challenges old beliefs by examining an unpredictable market and the effect it may have on retirement portfolios.

It highlights topics like:

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Wall Street Myths
  • Bull & Bear Market History
  • Do we need a new planning model?
  • Making your income last for 30 years or more

This dinner seminar is designed around the ABC Planning Model, and at one point in the evening, the attendees determine how much a typical conservative person might put into the “green money” column, which are indexed annuities.

Following the ABC Strategy, the seminar tackles what would happen to a retiree’s assets when a Bear market eats into his/her life savings. Using three separate decades, the seminar shows the power of the ABC model in protecting a retiree’s assets.

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