Key Aspects to Keep in Mind When Nurturing Annuities

Key Aspects to Keep in Mind When Nurturing Annuities

Closing an annuities sale is the conclusion of a long process. Particularly in the digital age, the annuities industry is flooded with higher expectations as technology advances daily.

A report by the Insured Retirement Institute stated annuity sales declined 7.6 percent over 2016. Moving into a new political era in 2017 has also presented a new wave of uncertainties for customers. Below are some practical ways that as a financial professional can help you stay ahead of the curve. That being said, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In terms of annuity coaching, this means keeping with customer-centric values while fostering innovation. Easier said than done? Yes, especially when your target audience may have more traditional views. But, once you’ve successfully married the two, it’s more likely to become a success story.

Here’s our list of concepts that as a financial professional you should to keep in mind when nurturing annuities:

Appreciate your client’s story

Potential clients can be skeptical about how well you will actually be able to relate to them. And the fact is, you don’t know what they’ve gone through. Letting them thoroughly convey their story and taking note of how they got to this point will help you understand the gravity of their situation. The minute there is mutual understanding, trust begins to take shape.

Have a developed online presence

A craftsman doesn’t show up to a job site without the proper tools, and neither should you. Having technology that’s designed to ease clients’ woes is key to proving yourself as a credible coach. Your social media, website, and automation tools will be your clients’ round-the- clock resource. Even if they don’t use social media or keep up with digital marketing, showing your clients tangible followings of your company and using the latest tools yourself could instill confidence that you’re in the know and aware of your growing audience.

Remain transparent

The more fast-paced business becomes, the more important it is to stick to basics. Being clear about who you are as a company and what you offer (and don’t offer) is essential to building trust. Your audience should never be underestimated; they would rather hear honesty than what they want to hear, and be shown commitment to ethical practices.

Understand the power of simplicity

Any way you can simplify processes for clients could be an instant benefit. No matter how technologically sophisticated current customers are, providing efficient means to an end instantly boosts return.




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