How We Invest In You

Our primary goal in partnering with you is to help you grow your business. We do this a number of ways:

Marketing reimbursement. Spend money on marketing and we will reimburse you based on our marketing reimbursement schedule. Our marketing reimbursement starts with as little as $1,000,000 in annuity premium and the amounts increase as your premium with us increases.

High-end consumer website. In today’s marketplace, you need a strong website to reinforce your marketing efforts. The site we have created is fully customizable to your needs. If you were to design this site on your own you would spend in excess of $10,000.

Free direct mail leads in exchange for the premium you place with us.

And that’s not all…

We have surrounded ourselves with an incredible mentoring and coaching team; we feel we have the strongest DOL platform in the industry; and we offer tools and techniques in many other areas to truly be a partner to you.

Obstacles holding back your business?