Coaching & Practice Sharing Models

To be the best, learn from the best.

Simplicity’s team of mentors and coaches are the best in the industry. They have honed their skills, developed best practices and built incredibly successful businesses.

Our team will coach, train and work with you to elevate your practice. You will become immersed in our mentors’ sales settings and be coached and trained through idea sharing, best practices and constructive feedback.

All of this leaves us with one question: Why not you?

The Simplicity Practice Sharing Models are offered to dedicated advisors wishing to grow their practices. The models provide access to our highly successful mentors who have opened their treasure chests of secret “how-to’s” for anyone committed to both Simplicity and the task of significantly growing their own practice.

Advisors using the models will:

  • Attend an orientation at the mentor’s office for live training and hands-on experience in how to build and grow your practice. You will see the most important inner workings of the mentor’s office, attend a live workshop/seminar, and work through the mentor’s sales process.
  • Participate in coaching calls every week to review all aspects of the sales process, integrated marketing programs, and practice management tools.
  • Attend live webinars each month.
  • Have access to customizable practice-management files.

Meet the Team

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