Important Announcement from Simplicity and American Equity

Important Announcement from Simplicity and American Equity

A great American success story times two…

Sixteen years ago, Dave Noble, the former President and CEO of many different life insurance companies, retired on a Friday. On the following Monday, he gathered a group that he worked with at his former company, American Life and Casualty, and asked them if they would join him in a start-up insurance company, American Equity.

Start-up; no agents, no products, and Dave’s money.

Two long-time friends of Mike and Cam Dressander, Kevin Wingert and Ron Grensteiner, were put in charge of running the marketing department. Interesting position, to recruit to a company that would soon have product, but not have a rating. The Dressanders knowing the history of this management team jumped in with both feet.

Fast-forward 16 years. American Equity has become the third all-time writer of fixed indexed annuities. Pretty great success story.

As for the Dressanders and their loyal reps and incredible support team, their IMO was a top-five company every year in American Equity’s existence. When Futurity First bought Dressander and BHC Marketing and merged them into Dressander|BHC, they became the #2 IMO with American Equity in the 2012/2013 convention year.

For the 2013/2014 convention year, Dressander|BHC, plus the very talented career division that Futurity First also owns run by CEO Michael Kalen, became the #1 IMO for American Equity. That’s right, Numero Uno for a giant insurance carrier.

We’re very excited to share this important announcement with you. Thank you for your partnership and allegiance to Dressander|BHC, and for helping to make us the #1 IMO with American Equity. I sincerely appreciate and value the business you do with us.


Michael S. Dressander
President, Simplicity Financial Marketing

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